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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 21:51:08 PDT

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, David Crook wrote:
--]Nope, its just not a proper fork conversation without all of those subjects
--]being involved in the same thread.
--]Besides I think you missed fork-hitler, fork-godwin,
--]fork-dave-winer-is-pissed-at-somebody :-)

And lets not forget that every post must foolow the 10 commandments of
Fork Posting...but that every post most also NOT follow the 10
commandments of fork posting..

(I may be putting on the martin luther robes here but bits, and the
forking there of, never ment to me just bots about "chips and bits"
subjects. It is also more of bits about every little and big bit of life
thats worth forking over to someone else.)

Notes about the 10 Commandments of FoRKposting:
97% of FoRKposts ignore one or more of the 10 Commandments of FoRKposting.
That doesn't necessarily mean we like it.
Of course, 97% of FoRKposts do follow one or more of the 10 Commandments
of FoRKposting. Isn't that special?
The unwritten (until now) Eleventh Commandment is that Tim Byars shalt
break at least one commandment with every post, 100% of the time, thereby
breaking not only some commandment, but also the 97% rule, thereby
disrupting the very fabric of the FoRK known universe. (Actually, he comes
close to breaking all ten commandments with some posts, a feat unrivaled
on FoRK. :) Now, Tim has himself made some subcommandments of Commandment
11, just to clarify Da Rulez According to Cobraboy:
All anti Ms jokes/comments are allowed.
Newbies are given shit on their first posts just to see if they can hang.
(This is the patented CobraBoy!/FoRK filter, available now by calling
Any post no matter how bad praising NeXTStep is allowed.
Any post (now this is the tricky part) saying how stupid Apple is, is
allowed. Bashing Apple is not. It's sort of like talking about the dumb
guy. We can talk about how stupid he is, but given that fact, making fun
of him is just mean and can't be tolerated.

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