Got Milk? (was Re: Baby-making)

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Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 18:36:25 PDT

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<< Physical evidence --- teeth, intestines, etc. --- suggests that we're
 much better suited to eating plants than meat. All the other great
 apes eat mostly plants, but supplement their diets with occasional

more anecdotal evidence -- pro: gail olikanova eats only fruit. con: my
sister is a "hygenic vegetarian" and is also a total bitch.

more science -- pro: our intestines are much longer than carnivore
intestines. con -- we have teeth that can do it all.

(re smart vegan kids: the intellectual curiosity that led the parents to
question and explore their eating habits . . . )

stuff on milk:

Campbell argues that the ultimate problem with cow's milk is that nature
concocts different formulas of mother's milk for different species. What's
good for baby calves isn't necessarily good for human babies or adults.
"Isn't it strange that we're the only species that suckles from another
species?" he says. Campbell theorizes that cow's milk unnaturally stimulates
enzymes and growth hormones in the human body that increase the risk of
various diseases. Moreover, he has come to the conclusion that cow's milk may
not even do what it is supposed to do best— build strong bones. And recent
studies suggest that humans may need less calcium for strong bones than was
once believed and that other foods, including various vegetables and legumes,
may be better sources than cow's milk.

etc, etc.

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