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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 13:12:00 PDT

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 wrote:

--]It's funny that you say Mandrake is more up to date than Red Hat. Not
--]starting a flavor war here, but Mandrake takes RH's beta, wraps their
--]installer around it, does a big s/Red Hat/Mandrake on the whole shebang
--]and ships it out the door before Red Hat's release. Complete with the
--]bugs from RH's betas...I've heard a lot of people say that the Mandrake
--]installs are cooler than Red Hat's, and that it even installs on some
--]hardware that RH doesn't, but it's not more up to date. However, having
--]worked at RH and seen the conditions their techs work under, it won't
--]surprise me to see that product go straight to hell. (:
--]Still jaded and horrified of corporations,

Actualy Mandrake does some cool stuff with the admitedly RedHat distro.
One is security. It doesnt by default open every port and send a msg to
alt.2600 with your ip like red hat does..well maybe not the last part but
it might as well.

Mandrakes ease of install can not be underestimarted. I have several non
geek freinds who are using it, one for biz.

Your mialge may vary, when it comes down to it im still a gatesian in

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