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From: Fielding, Roy (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 17:32:16 PDT

> Hmmm, do you remember how this thread started?

Yes. Being able to point out OSI's mistakes, and actually learning
from them, are two separate things. You are halfway there. The people
who have been actively developing open source software never paid any
attention to OSI in the first place, aside from the opportunity it has
given us (through conferences and symposiums) to meet each other
in person.

I develop commercial software, and I develop open source software,
and sometimes I develop commercial open source software. The notion
that there is a difference in the *people* who develop this software
is only held by the seriously deranged and paranoid, both from within
the group that claims to develop free software and from within the
group that claims to develop commercial software. Holding out any one
of them as an example for portraying what is meant by open source
is a waste of time.

This doesn't change the fact that some open source software development
produces better software systems than the same projects done in a fully
supported closed source setting (and yes, it is closed source -- that is
common English, not a pejorative term). It also doesn't change the
fact that open source alone is not sufficient to make a project succeed.
But this is all stuff that I've written about Apache a half-dozen times
already and is part of the public record.

If you want to understand software development, the wrong way to do it
is to listen to consultants and marketing departments. Beyond that,
get a grip on reality and stop FoRKing old bits.


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