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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 09:17:54 PDT

Mostly that was all a big yuk, interesting to see a little microcosm of
some of the things we were talking about last week. :-) Already have them
all @ 100 -w- eack other, btw, hearts and all. Proposals just don't seem
to be happening. NB: family's name is "Amory," one of the chicks is
"Polly." ;-) (Also Paul and Jill.)

Also, by hacking stats to max everything I thought I could get them to hot
tub naked. Supposedly, an "outgoing" personality that's maxed out has no
problem getting in the tub in the buff. Doesn't seem to be happening.

DL'd some various naughty skins for 'em, heh. Getting the guy to run
around dressed like floorshow Frankenfurter from RHPS has been a card, but
kinda icky --- now have him dressed as a biker dude. Polly runs around
dressed like a Catholic schoolgirl and Jill runs around in some skimpy
see-through white panties and sportsbra-looking thing.

Any way to change the skin of an existing Sim? Seems I have to make new
Sims each time I want to change skins, then hack their stats, then go back
through the whole process of finishing out the house. :-/


Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> Control choose Jr., do the cheat Ctrl-shift-C, and
> then type in "autonomy 100"; also you can change the
> "interests" in the same way to get your other characters
> interested in what you need to be done. I just
> found this code this morning "Oh Yeah"; how do you
> get them to sleep with each other? I think you
> explicitly have to ask them to marry each other. Wine
> and dine them, a couple of drinks, talk until about 30,
> hug until about 60, and then kiss until about 100. They
> will fall in love and then the first time you see the little
> heart on the score, there will be a choice to propose. If
> they refuse, or say they can't decide on a full stomache, etc,
> you may have to alienate them again and then "re-engage".
> Greg
> Jeff Bone wrote:
> > (5) I set these guys up with the biggest house in the hood, like a
> > zillion bucks, and all the best stuff you could buy for them ---
> > presumably from --- and they're living large. None of
> > them work. Unfortunately, this has resulted in none of them wanting
> > to parent. At one point, somebody got pregnant and popped out a
> > kid. All the Sims proceeded to totally ignore it! Seems they wanted
> > to spend more time in the hot tub or something. Health and Human
> > Services came and confiscated the spawn, er, infant in, like, a day.
> > When your Sims are living life like everyday was Hedonism III, how do
> > you get them to take time out to feed Jr.? For that matter, they've
> > got every kind of hired help you can get --- and their place still
> > looks like a crackhouse, plants dead, food everywhere. How can you
> > get them to do this stuff on their own?
> >
> > Just some thoughts... all this messy lifelike behavior, though...
> > maybe I should go back to "Creatures." At least there you could
> > tamper with your norns genetically.
> >
> > ;-)
> >
> > jb

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