Divx and the damage done

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From: Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 06:47:31 PDT

I have been hearing about it for months now. Divx was the new golden
child, the mp3 of the double oughts. With it movies would be opened up
like fallen village's virgin maiden in the hands of the raiding hordes;
much like music was under grunting fury of the now legendary rapist, MP3.

Marriage, upgrades and a non working hub have kept me from joining in on
the pillage. I was left on the shore while the new breed of vandals went
off to conquer the new worlds. This weekend all that changed.

Coming soon to a Usenet stream near you, the Divx version of Beyond The
Mat, an amazing look into the world of wrestling and the lives of three
people in particular, Mick Foley, Terry Funk and Jake "The Snake"

Coming soon that is, but not yet.

Ripping the DVD down to my HD was a snap, a snap that is once I got the
DVD drive on the laptop to map over to my desktop machine with the 4.5 gig
of space I needed. The decss program worked like a well edged knife
slicing the precious goodies off the disc across my homenet and onto the
freshly cleaned off HD.

Getting the booty down to a size that was both passable to others and
passable to watch was the next stage. From all accounts the program to use
is Flask, so I did. It crashed. I installed some new codecs, it crashed
again. I read some annoying faws and guides and it crashed, this time with
some hope left warbling on the screen.

Third times the charm and finally the vob files were encoding themselves
down , 13 hour latter I had a 1.9 gig file sitting on my HD. A double
click latter and I realized I had done it, almost. The movie played , the
quality was crisp sharp and way watchable. At 1.9 gig though I was still
not hitting the 650 meg sizes the Viking marauders were.

What was I missing. Ah the audio. Seems I still have to go in and compress
the audio streams. Someday, maybe tonight, if I get the right apps and the
proper codecs and all the laundry done before the kid is asleep.

For now though I have partially met my goal. I was able to rent out a vid,
rip it down, partially encode it and send the original back to the store
for the next happy viewer to watch.

Hopefully on the next pillaging expidition Ill have the swordplay down

Land Ho

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