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From: Burd, Greg (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 05:22:11 PDT

Well this is true of 2.8 Sun's latest shipping version of Solaris. Sun has
said that the next version (2.9?) will ship with Gnome and with a lot of GNU
tools. I believe they said that they will be including the dev tools in
pre-compiled Solaris packages ready to be installed.

As far as OS/X goes I can understand Apple's move to unbundled their
developer tools. First, they are shipping a public beta to the *public*.
In Mac terms that means "people who are not developers" like my Mom. Sure
the counter argument is that early adopters are most likely developers, but
I expect Apple to ship a developer preview to its ADC list in the near
future to fill that gap. Note that I have no information to that effect,
but it would seem a reasonable thing for them to do. Also this is once
again a throw back to NeXT. When you bought NeXTStep you got the User or
Developer package. To get the Developer package with all of the developer
tools you paid more.

So this doesn't surprise me at all.


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Robert Harley said:

> A version of Unix with no development tools? I need that like a hole
> in the head... thanks, but no thanks.

One word -- Solaris ;)

At least OS/X will have a freely-downloadable/install-from-free-CD
compiler. Solaris had *none* apart from their big-bucks commercial
offering until GNU got around to porting gcc, and even then it was a bitch
to install and gcc's output on Sun processors wasn't great. (It's
probably improved since then tho'),

--j. [inaugural post on a new list = nerdy UNIX comment, what's new ;)]

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