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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 21:48:34 PDT

Okay, so I've got some questions. ;-) Per the recent love / marriage
/ kids thing. I got the Sims a while back, hadn't had a chance to
play with it much until this weekend.

(1) Is the "sex" patch for the Sims real? Anyone know where to get
it? Can't seem to find it anywhere. ;-) (Oh, sure, the g-rated
stuff is easy; I'm looking for the master kink weekend-in-hell sex
patch. :-)

(2) I've managed to get a cohabitating 3-some set up between one guy
and two hotties. Everything's cool --- they all dig each other most
of the time. I can even get the chicks to make out. But, the chicks
get totally pissed at each other then one catches the other making
out with the guy; it's resulted in bitch slaps and very hurt
feelings. What gives? Anyone know the trick for getting an actual,
happy 3-way free-for-all going?

(3) Despite everything being happy most of the time, none of them
seem to want to get married. I suppose an "alternative arrangement"
would be out of the question, but I would think that a proposal
would've happened at some point between the guy and one of the
chicks. I guess I should be relieved. ;-) Anybody else have any
experience with this?

(4) Despite everything being all cool again between the chicks
(which required quite a bit of finessing on my part, let me tell you)
they won't sleep together. Anybody know the trick to get the two
chicks bedding down?

(5) I set these guys up with the biggest house in the hood, like a
zillion bucks, and all the best stuff you could buy for them ---
presumably from --- and they're living large. None of
them work. Unfortunately, this has resulted in none of them wanting
to parent. At one point, somebody got pregnant and popped out a
kid. All the Sims proceeded to totally ignore it! Seems they wanted
to spend more time in the hot tub or something. Health and Human
Services came and confiscated the spawn, er, infant in, like, a day.
When your Sims are living life like everyday was Hedonism III, how do
you get them to take time out to feed Jr.? For that matter, they've
got every kind of hired help you can get --- and their place still
looks like a crackhouse, plants dead, food everywhere. How can you
get them to do this stuff on their own?

Just some thoughts... all this messy lifelike behavior, though...
maybe I should go back to "Creatures." At least there you could
tamper with your norns genetically.



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