Re: Congrats! OS/X in NYTimes

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 12:30:52 PDT

> Wrong. Linux is a product, open source is a culture - the part of it
> that's not Open Source(tm) anyway.

I actually think Linux really is as much culture as product --- hang around /
hire some recent CS grads to see the point. ;-) :-)

> Apple is king of useability,

Interestingly, several of the kings of usability and user advocacy from Apple
--- Andy Hertzfeld, Darrin Adler, Bud Tribble, Mike Homer, etc. --- are now
tilting at windmills on the Linux front vis-a-vis Eazel. I dunno though ---
Nautilus looks like an egg-laying milk pig to me.

> And if Linux does ever get "mainstream" the geeks will just go work on
> something else, geeks as a group HATE anything users use, and will only
> support the underdog.

IMO, a *hell of a lot* of totally user-oriented embedded Linux systems are
going to ship this year; Tivo, Nokia, etc. Don't confuse Linux with X.



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