A new format: OPML 1.0

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From: Dave Winer (dave@userland.com)
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 05:55:20 PDT

A new XML-based format: Outline Processor Markup Language, or OPML, 1.0.


The purpose of this format is to provide a way to exchange information
between outliners and Internet services that can be browsed or controlled
through an outliner.

The design goal is to have a transparently simple, self-documenting,
extensible and human readable format that's capable of representing a wide
variety of data that's easily browsed and edited.

OPML 1.0 is the native file format of Radio UserLand, a product in
development at UserLand.

The spec may be tweaked in response to comments or questions.

Dave Winer
UserLand Software

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