Re: There They Go, Bad-Mouthing Divorce Again

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From: Linda (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 19:26:54 PDT

A most excellent thread on marriage and kids! Really enjoyed the posts
of Jeff Barr and others.

Jay_Thomas wrote:

<< As your life changes, your priorities change, and you make time for
the more important things. Thats how its done.>>

This summarizes my thoughts exactly. That is why it is so difficult to
explain why parenthood is so fulfilling to those who aren't parents.
Ditto for marriage.

I used to feel similarly to Jeff Bone before I had my own kids.
Having done hundreds of deliveries in my medical residency, I could
not understand why women would put themselves through the excruciating
pain of childbirth. And seeing pale, sleep-deprived but *happy*
parents with their colicy infants in office, it's just something I
couldn't understand...

..until I had my own.

Although I'm in my 30's, I've been happily married for 14 years.
I met my husband in medical school - over a cadaver in anatomy class -
and we got married just after graduation. After finishing our
residency training and establishing a practice, we thought that having
kids would add a new dimension to our relationship. Our 3 kids have
given us such incredible joy. My work is fulfilling, but nothing gives
me greater rewards than watching our kids grow into fine young people.
They give me a very different perspective on life than I would have
had otherwise. No question, it's the best investment of time and
energy that we've ever made.

<<Still, as I said, the positives FAR out-weigh the negatives, for me>>

And for me!

Tom Whore wrote:

<<Im bound by a "quiet time" before we can annoucen anything
firm, but between you me and the mailing lest next door id bet sooner
than latter unless theres a docotr in the house who cn say

25% of couples can conceive on the first try. 70 to 80% of couples will
have conceived within 1 year.


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