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From: John Regehr (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 12:50:08 PDT

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Lisa Dusseault wrote:

> He now also has "Reinventing Comics" out, which seems to be a second in the
> series, but I haven't seen that yet. Scott's site is also wonderful:

Understanding Comics was a broadly interesting book about how we
perceive a sequence of images as progressing in time, and secondarily
about comic books.

Reinventing Comics is entirely about the comic book industry: why it has
never produced much good output and how McCloud thinks it should be
reinvented using the internet. So, it has a much narrower focus, and I
thought his view of the internet was a bit starry-eyed for these jaded

I recently read Dave McKean's Cages and Alan Moore's From Hell. They're
both great. Also, be sure to check out Kyle Baker's other books: You
Are Here and The Cowboy Wally Show.


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