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From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 07:23:41 PDT

Great googly-moogly! Or stick an Apache arrowhead in you. Well done!


Roy Fielding

Grind. File. Oy!
I glorify end.
I, flying doer.
I, glory fiend.
Glory, if I end.
I.e., find glory.
For yielding.
Fiery in gold.
Friendly, I go.
In godly fire.
Yield of grin.
Godly, I infer.
Dignify role.
I, fed in glory.
I, doing flyer.
Fine glory ID.
I'd fine glory.
Firing yodel.
I, dingo flyer.

Roy T. Fielding
End -- glorify it.
Tidy, if longer.
I, deft in glory.
Golden, if I try.
Die, girly font!
Flying editor.
Lifted in orgy.
Trilogy fiend.
Tired of lying.
Log nifty ride.
Fed glory in it.
Nifty, godlier.
Godly, if inert.
I got friendly.
Or I left dying.

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