Does anyone hear me?

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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 11:09:09 PDT

All I get is a hard-ass response from the other people. An occasional peep
from a developer who sees it my way, but mostly a brick wall, each time from
a different member of the group of RSS 1.0 developers.

In the meantime I'm shipping a product, or supposed to be, and there's a lot
going on in my personal life, stuff I *must* pay attention to.

Presumably the others get to do work they like to do, and be part of their
families, while I spin around and around while they play "tag team". Am I
entitled to participate in a discussion on the decentralization list about
big companies without having a big company interfering with that? I think
so. I think that even includes saying that something was stolen from me,
without being punished or distracted.

I want out of this cycle now. If no one else will take an interest, I'm out
of the debating-on-mail-lists business, and I can filter all of Tim's
private flames to the trash.

That doesn't mean we won't go forward with RSS. We have plans, we're working
with others, of course not openly because I don't want them to be brought
into the flames and personal-attack domain.

I'm tired of being played for a chump here.


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