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Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 06:13:11 PDT

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>And if you can get that time down to a few seconds, then you
>effectively know everything.

that's profound, Adam, and almost right. Shaw, in the last line of his play
Candida, has the romatnic lead, a poet whose name I forget, running off stage
having failed in the end to woo the married woman (Candida) who infatuated
him; in a stage direction, Shaw says, "none of them knew the secret in the
poet's heart."

You can effectively know everything that is known to be known--everything
that you know to look for. But you can't know the secrets of someone else's
heart or mind--and you can't know the result of the sparks that will fly when
you and some other exciting clever person meet, i.e. you can't know what's
waiting there to be known or to be created.

That's a major management issue.


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