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From: Jeff Bone (jbone@jump.net)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 20:29:22 PDT

> And if you want to follow Neitzche about the 'everyone is selfish'
> thing (which I totally agree with, BTW),

No, hold on, I never invoked Neitzche, I already said I find nihilists tedious and unfun. Rand,
baby, Rand.

> then the "host" (laughing about a
> friend's shrit which defines a fetus as a parasite) is selfishly hoping
> that all of this will end soon and she can get some sleep, bottom line.
> But underlying that, the parent does see herself in the child, in every
> move, every sound, every burp, and hopes that the child will do a little
> better, and knows that this relationship is one that won't go away...till
> death do us part... Scary?

No, transference. ;-) Why relive your childhood vicariously when, in fact, you never have to let go
of it in the first place?

> Hell, yeah, be scared, cause lemme tell you
> something: your child WILL be smarter than you are.

Wouldn't take much.

> She will push buttons
> you never knew you had,

Great, I've been looking for yet another thing to push my buttons.

> trick you at your most vulnerable moments, and
> make you want to buy yourself (OR HER) an island. That shit about parents
> giving their kids guilt trips is bullshit. It's the other way around.

Keep going, you're really selling me here.

> But, damn, there's no reward like seeing your child do well and feel good
> about herself and her world.

How about doing well and feeling good about *yourself* and *your world?*

> But, just like you had to, she has to
> struggle and rebel and raise hell to find her place and do the work she
> has ahead of her. The thing that's the hardest for parents to realize is
> that their kids, every step of the way, are trying to make their parents
> proud.

Oh, come on. When they fling their own shit on the walls at age .637 years, there isn't a thought
going through their head except, maybe if the kid's a prodigy, some fuzzy version of "ooh, poopy me
fly go make WHEEE!"

Again, you're arguing from a perspective of the child having some self-sufficiency, identity, etc.
I'm arguing from the perspective that I think it's hand-waving to even call them human until some
time significantly post-speech. I just don't see the win in getting from A to B. There are much
easier ways to make friends than to *create* them yourself.

> I can't get it through my head until I think about the motives for
> many things I've done, which were to make my parents proud. So, it's back
> to pride, and back to love, but the bitching about diapers goes away as
> soon as the diapers do. It's really a symbiotic relationship;

Hmm, love me, love my E. Coli.

> the
> currency is just not as defined as you'd like it to be. But you'll get
> yours. (:

We'll see.



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