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From: Tony Berkman (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 12:58:49 PDT

And John Wesley Harding chirps in:

Here Comes The Groom

      With half an eye on history
      And half an ounce of hope
      Sold his soul in the vestry
      Money for old rope
      Been this way a million times
      But now his time is nigh
      He steps into the spotlight
      He wants to say 'hi
      Hello, we're so glad you came
      You've never seen me before'
      He's so ambitious, he's so game
      But yesterday he was dressed the same
      Then he was so much easier to ignore
          Here Comes The Groom
      But the world's not an inn and there isn't any room for you
      But here he comes

      He married into money
      Just to kiss and tell
      He ripped the contract open
      He's out of his shell
      He looks into a mirror
      Practising his poise
      But it reflects so badly
      The groom just gets annoyed
      He gasps, he forgets his lines
      He's never done that before
      The scientists say he's doing fine
      This fumbling frantic frankenstein
      Soon he's gonna do the dinosaur
          Here Comes The Groom

      His fingers are on the cliff edge
      His head is going under
      Is that applause?
      No that's just thunder....
      Why do you keep saying I do?
      What does the bride mean to you?

      Play me some Puccini
      Make it heavy on the strings
      Walk me to the altar
      The choir can't even sing
      Right side for the photographs
      Left side for the kids
      God made me do it
      So that's what I did
      He coughs, loosens his bow-tie
      You've never seen him before
      He kisses the bride, oh you know why
      Love's one more thing you can buy
      He was unfaithful before he went outdoors
      (and now he's in the graveyard)
          Here Comes The Groom.....

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