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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 10:50:13 PDT

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 wrote:

--]> Of course when you ralize he is simply pimping GNome by smacking down KDE
--]> it becomes crystal celar the motives...
--]the dude wants software to be free.
--]what the fuck's wrong with you?

frood, PMS wanitng to have softwre be free and the ways he goes about it
are two differnt things. Dont forget Toroquanada just wanted to spread the
love of his God.

--]gnome sucks, KDE sucks, NEXTSTEP uber alles.
--]and you can pay for your guinness with that.

Next being a commerical app with commerical hardware and a commerical
creator, the one the only $teve "Ill sue you" Job$

Free and open software, yeah imall for it. Ive even bought lunch for some
folks working on it.

RMS christings it for a thron of crowns and a new Cult of P2P? Blow me.
Tin Tyrnats and Me ME MEism is a dime a dozen on mass media, there are
better than this on soap operas.

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