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From: Joshua D. Baugher (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 12:34:04 PST

>===== Original Message From Rahul Dave <> =====
>Dont forget
>the cygnus win32 tools
>bash grep ls gcc and all the goodies.
>Once you've used a unix shell you cant use!
>I mention these as you are a Linux user
>If you are a developer, or scripter type:
>python with win32-COM additions
>xemacs-win32 edition if you are a emacs type
>miktex(for tex)
>gvim or vim if you are a vi type.
>With these apps I can actually live in windows.

I tend to not be very productive if I am completely cut off from unix shells.
So, one of the most important applications on my box is Putty, a great (free
in every form) Telnet/SSH client:


Joshua D. Baugher <>

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