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From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 08:19:30 PDT

Coupla more metastable thoughts ...

I said> The rest is going to be invested. Is having a choice of profit
I said> v.s. charitable targets so bad?

For example, if I were to inherit a $MMM (billion!) or so (this has a
negative probability, I'd say), I'd certainly throw $90 Million at a
certain nonZaplet startup that we know now, and its friends. Wouldn't
that be more palatable to this group (and socially beneficial) than,
say, setting up a $1B nonprofit to try to figure out how to get public
prayer in schools (an idea that repels me, BTW)?

> scoop in billions without paying a penny of it to the nation that
> protects them, pays for the research, protects them, educates their
> workers, protects them, keeps the poor from rioting, protects them,
> maintains labor peace, protects them, enforces contracts, protects
> them, invests in saving the environment we all share and then
> protects the rich some more, in ten thousand more ways than they
> would ever willingly acknowledge.

Aside from the amazing shakedown quality in this line of reasoning, the
fact is that the billions in question have already been taxed. Twice,
in general -- once as corporate income, once as individual income, or at
least as capital gains. The whole argument is bogus.

Finally, and really the main reason for this addendum, is that I must
confess to an error, a misquote, a whopper. The line from Perfect
Circle's Judith is actually, "You're such an inspiration for the *ways*
I will never, ever choose to be." I trust you all understand that this
works in both ways. In fact, it fits better applied from you to me,
since most of you probably can't imagine thinking like a geezer. Yet.
Bwaaahaahaa. *burp*. I'm just having a blast mouthing off in this big
Bullsession of Rohit Khare's, BoRK, BoRK, BoRK. I don't expect to
change any minds. And I am getting to know a lot more about RK's
friends in the process. Yeah, I suppose spam is probably the reason I


Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
You sing your sob story to the SBC
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
You get your money for nothin' and your checks for free

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