RE: OOPS! [a correction from my VOID/BBQ post]

CobraBoy (
Mon, 1 Jun 1998 14:41:18 -0700 at precisely 1:20 PM -0700 on 6/1/98, grouped some
electrons into this:

> My brain seems to be sufficiently slow enough today that I inadvertently
> made a few spelling/grammar mistakes in my post this morning -- no need to
> point them out to me, I know they are there and I have found them myself.
> But, in my defense, who has time to proofread e-mail after they have been
> out of the office for several days?
> However, I would like to make public one slight correction from my a.m.
> post. It would seem that I wrongly attributed Greg with calling me an
> slut. A trip through the FoRK archives reveals that it was Jeff (jb) who
> posted this clever little comeback and not Greg. Mea Culpa.
> Diva

I don't know seemed ok to me.

> > "You're drunk, you slut."
> >
> > He pulled her close, and began to lecture her, loudly, almost violently,
> > and when she protested, he slapped her face. She was angry now, and
> > yelled back at him, giving him as good as she got.
> >
> > Very soon he decided that he had enough of her attitude and grabbed her
> > by the hair and violently pulled, tumbling her over his lap. She did not
> > know how it happened, but in a moment he had pulled down her jeans and
> > her pink panties, too. Then, using his hard, bare hand, he began a slow,
> > very hard spanking, bringing her to tears immediately.
> >
> > He quickly decided that this was working so well that he could do more.
> > He took off her shoes, pulled the jeans and panties entirely off her
> > legs, spanked her again, even harder than before, and then removed her
> > sweater, discovering that her bra was unhooked and her creamy breasts
> > were bare. She was now nude, badly scared, very cruelly spanked, and
> > crying hysterically. She screamed in pain and humiliation


Maybe I don't read e-mails as closely as I should.


Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and disorient...

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