Re: Experiencing "the [VOID]" (tm), the Boston BBQ Bash and other Facts

Jay Thomas (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 17:12:48 -0400

> Number of Guests at Jay's BBQ: ???? -- I would guess somewhere around 60

All told, around 75, but at any one time ??? Still, a good sized
crowd. Bigger than the New Years party, and this time no one puked.

> Number of cows killed to provide the meat for the BBQ: at least 2 (oh, and a
> pig provided some of the most delicious ribs I have ever tasted)

Thanks. Actually, 5 pigs died for the ribs that were served. And I
still only tasted 2 ribs!

> Strangest conversation: A tie between the dildo joke session hosted by Kate
> (Jay's wife) in the living room of the house around 10 p.m., which was followed
> shortly by a masturbation conversation in the backyard led by Jay (and someone
> name Kat). Draw what conclusions you will from this tidbit.

Wow! I don't remember that one! That'll teach me to drink at my own
BBQ. Actually, between the 10+ cases of beer & cider, the vodka
watermelon, scotch, jello shots, etc., I'm surprised I remember as
much as I do. I missed my wife talking about diloes? :-(

> In closing, I would like to thank Jay and Kate for hosting a supreme BBQ! I
> had an absolute blast and it was well worth the long journey. The critters were
> definitly crispy, the beer plentiful, the tunes kicking, the conversation
> interesting and eclectic in nature, and you even managed to provide plenty
> of sunshine. Jay, you are most definitly the "Master of the Meat"! Your BBQ
> skills are second to none!

Thanks :) Master of Meat & my own domain (obviously); hell of a title.
Thanks, also, to all the FoRKers/MITers/W3Cers who showed up and made
it such a fun time :)

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