I love the smell of scandal in the morning...

Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@gambetta.ICS.uci.edu)
Sat, 30 May 1998 11:36:04 -0700

..and a couple of good conspiracies.

Someday this presidency is going to end...
and not a day too soon for my liking. I've
been following the whole nuclear proliferation
thing since about 1990. One of my closest friends
used to be in Naval Intelligence and told me that
often you can get better intelligence straight
from news sources than proprietary ones. This
in fact was proven by John Dale Davidson and
William Rees-Mogg putting together a better
information network than all the intelligence
agencies of the US government to predict the
fall of communism in the former Soviet Union. My
friend told me that if you want to find out what's
really happening in the world, read the Christian
Science Monitor and the editorial page of the NY Times.
My friend knew what he was talking about and had
the right line on everything from silkworm missile
technology coming out of Iran to US shooting
down a commercial airline flight in the middle
east. There's always a level deeper.

They used to say "Only Nixon can go to China". This
was mainly because Nixon led the charge of China
bashing and the anti-communist forces in the US. Now
it's more like, only the hippies can encourage
nuclear proliferation. My prediction on the next
big scandal is (something Drudge would only dream of)
Iraqi contributions to the DNC in order to lift
economic sanctions against their country.

Now, why wouldn't this be major news? This story was
buried way back in the early 1996 Washington Times, a
right-leaning publication no doubt but often the recicipent
of classified information. In the article, it cites
a family of Iraqi legal residents meeting with high
level DNC fundraisers to donate several hundred thousand
dollars which may have been from the Iraqi government
to lift economic sanctions against Iraq. I never
saw any followup to this story so I can only assume
that it is classified, but, I will speculate that
the deal fell through thus initiating all our problems
we have had with Iraq since the 1996 election.

Why is this important? Intelligence sources are now
citing that Pakistan has every intention of providing
and selling nuclear technology to Iran to offset the
economic sanctions imposed by the US.

For those of you who didn't grow up in the 80's, similar
to Pakistan and India, Iran and Iraq fought a 10 year war
which decimated a whole generation of their populations
leading to US supplying Iraq with military technology and
Iran taking US hostages.

We now are facing the possibility that 2 sets of countries
who each have fought one or more wars against each other in the
past 50 years have access to nuclear weapons. India and
Pakistan, Iran and Iraq. Of course Iraq has "poor man's"

Lucky for us this Internet thing was designed to
survive a nuclear war.