Bad idea for a song...

Robert S. Thau (
Sat, 30 May 1998 12:09:17 -0400 (EDT)

Sometimes I get a bad idea that just won't let go. With that...

Area 51 Revisited
(not by Bob Dylan)

Well, God said to Oswald, "Hey, kill me a Prez!"
Lee Harvey say, "what's that you sez?"
God say "Kill." Lee says, "Why?"
God says, "For saucer-people up in the sky,
Who are coming to Earth now to have a little fun".
Lee say, "where you want this killing done?"
"Grassy knoll by the road to Area Fifty-one".

Fidel C., he had a bloody nose.
The Kremlin, they wouldn't give him no clothes.
He asked Elvis in Vegas, "Where can I go?"
And Elvis said, "only one place I know"
Fidel said, "Tell me quick man, I got to run".
Elvis said, "Joe Bob's C-rations and guns
In the PX at Area Fifty-one".

J. Edgar Hoover said to Sammy the Bull,
"I got this party dress of orange tulle,
and a million blue helmets for the U.N.
To forget until I may need them again."
Sammy the Bull said, "My cigarette runners
Can hide it with shoelaces and chewing gum
In their shed out at Area Fifty-one".

The Sob Sister said to Jimmy Ray,
"I really haven't been sleeping okay
and I may have had sex with something grey"
Jimmy Ray said "There's gonna be hell to pay...
once I go tell the cops that this has been done."
But the cops were all hiding from the sun
In black choppers from Area Fifty-one.

The Rockefellers were really bored
Trying to start the next world war
They found a drug dealer who nearly fell off the floor
He said, "Hey, this could make my profits soar!
But we'll need some propaganda to get the job done"
Rock says "We can broadcast, son,
from hidden towers in Area Fifty-one".