RE: Facts About Hotmail's Production OS Environment

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Fri, 29 May 1998 11:08:47 -0700

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> Jeff Bone wrote:
> > Spin control is always so entertaining to watch. One thought: M$
> > claims that Hotmail had to "customize the filestore and IP
> stack because
> > "off the shelf" Solaris could not scale..." Oh, wow, so some poor
> > sysadmin schmuck had to up a couple of inode / IP-related
> constants in
> > config files and rebuild the kernel, there's a tough and completely
> > unusual job.
> >
Actually, its probably just the the admin had to use ndd
to tweak a few constants in the tcp driver..
dynamic, no reboot, on the fly config.
(Of course on NT you can do this without 10 reboots and some
fucked up registry setting)

any web server with any load on solaris usually needs to
tweak the tcp driver a little..
(no path mtu dicovery, bigger buffer sizes, bigger listen q)
I bet that is the extent of 'modifying suns tcp/ip stack'..