Phil Hartman dead :(

Jay Thomas (
Thu, 28 May 1998 14:45:18 -0400

Man! This bums me out a lot more than Sinatra. Here was someone in his
prime, career soaring, healthy, talented. Then his wife takes him out!
Now Simpsons and News Radio quality will suffer.
Actor Phil Hartman and wife found dead of gunshot wounds

May 28, 1998
Web posted at: 1:54 p.m. EDT (1754

ENCINO, California(CNN) -- Actor Phil Hartman, who portrayed radio
newsman Bill McNeal in the NBC television comedy "NewsRadio," and his
wife were found shot to death in their home Thursday morning in what
police said was an apparent murder-suicide.

Police said Brynn Hartman, 40, apparently took her own life after
arrived, and that Hartman had been killed some time earlier.

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