[TRAVELMAN] Boston/New York/Cape Cod this weekend

Rohit Khare (rohit@fdr.ICS.uci.edu)
Thu, 28 May 1998 04:06:10 -0700

After a week of waffling, I've decided to go to Jay's bbq on Saturday. I sense
my presence is somehow needed :-)

Actually, it should be quite a homecoming; I haven't had a chance to return to
Boston all academic year. I've spent the last three and a half hours solid
just tracking down old friends and inviting them to Jay's party...

Thursday evening: United redeye from LAX, arriving Boston 6:15 AM Friday.
Apollo award locator S4TSC2

Proceed to Keith's kaffeklatsch at Softpro or hang at W3C/MIT or take care of
business at MCI.

Friday afternoon: drive to New Haven to see K. and L. Avis award locator

Continue to dinner in Long Island with my aunt and uncle (if traffic permits)

Clubbing in NYC until ??AM
http://www.desiparty.com/docs/nyc.htm (DJ Ladla with DJ Jiten from Toronto)
http://www.desiparty.com/docs/ny3.htm (Naya Zamana @ Carbon)

Stagger back to Boston and check in with Jay. (sometime overnight -- I'm
counting on a miracle here)

Saturday afternoon: bbq. S and J and D and R and perhaps JL and AS and JK and
SG might show. Kate's invited a bunch of her single friends, too, I hear :-)

Sunday: Cape Cod. Might as well use those unlimited miles, no?

Monday: Bum around Boston. Find someone to sucker into a Duck Tour. Laze
around Harvard Square. Try to find that bar where unreconstructed geeks can
pick up Minnie Driver with their wit and tactlessness alone :-)

Head back at 5:30, arrive at 8:30, hope for cocktails with K from Santa Monica
on arrival

Gee, if I could but only claim someone in New York, I might even be able to
joke about a girl in every port...

Another weekend lost to the void,
Rohit Khare

Upcoming FoRKcons: June 13th in Seattle and July 23rd in San Francisco (Marin
Headlands). The former is a WebDAV meeting on the 15th and 16th and the latter
is JimW's wedding. June 20 in Pennsylvania, face down in the grass, is still
up in the air.