RE: Ellison: Gates a liar about Microsoft's 'innovation'

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Wed, 27 May 1998 11:12:24 -0700

At 9:57 AM -0700 5/27/98, Joe Barrera came up with this:

> Hey Robert,
> Isn't it about time for you to petulantly quit the list? I'm sure Lloyd is
> lonely, wherever he is.

Elwood is busy saving the world from big bad Apple Computer, Inc.

{A brief detour here. It seems Elwood is a MAJOR Mac weenie. Elwood created
a Kaleidescope "scheme" file called Amadeus. Elwoods scheme is a cleaned up
version of Apple's stock interface. Not the most creative but hey, it
brought little Elwood some fame. Now however Apple has decided they are
going to finally build the scheme manager into the next release of the OS.
(Which is how all this Kaleidescope business got started anyway.) And not
wanting to strand all the people out there that have their favorite
Kaleidescope scheme they came up with a converter to convert over to the
OS 8.5 manager. WELL it seems this has pissed off all the little scheme
designers no end and leading the charge is our very own Elwood.}

However, I digress. The one thing about Rob that you have to respect Joe is
like the rattlesnake his venom is ever present.



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