PC WEEK: The case against Linux?

Joachim Feise (jfeise@ICS.uci.edu)
Tue, 26 May 1998 20:32:35 -0700

Opinions, anyone?


"Sorry, you're not going to find a case against Linux here -- there's simply not
much of one to be made. It's a good operating system. But even so, market
dynamics will cause it to falter."
"But Linux is a communist operating system in a capitalist society. Its
popularity is going to lead toward its fragmentation. There are several for-sale
versions of Linux available. For example, both Corel and Interbase said they'd
support Red Hat Linux. Does this leave Caldera in the dust? What about the other
for-sale Linux distributors, each of which has access to the original source
code, and each of which can modify it to their liking?"