Rohit Khare (
Thu, 28 May 1998 01:52:10 -0700

Remember that Premier Exec discount certificate: 20,000 miles off a
connoisseur pair award. Even if my mom wants to go somewhere, we can't use a
joint award b/c she's in DC. SO: it makes some sense to use it to go to Rob's
wedding from LA. it's a $400 discount, putting the cost of two C-Class seats

140k miles
120kmiles = $1200/person (or, you'd owe me 60kmiles)

Comprable? it's 50kmiles each for a coach ticket, or 80k each. without
capacity controls. Basically, they think advance purch tix to Paris are $1000;
instant are $1600.

So if we can find $300-$500 tickets, that's ok, but hell, I'd say let's go for
the big one. At least we get our full money's worth with the FC transcon
segment to dulles, too.

We need to plan NOW, though: IAD-CDG is usually solidly booked.


PS. Frankly, the carrot-and-stick works: this is the cheapest int'l C-class
pair ticket we could use this would even be valid for.