Re: Controlled substances

Steve Nordquist (
Mon, 25 May 1998 08:55:54 -0500

Joachim Feise wrote:

> Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote, never to leave a column of salt under 5'3":
> > Pepsi-Cola is being investigated to determine
> > whether or not levels were manipulated in various
> > carbonated soft-drinks products and whether or not
> > high-action, high-profile ads are targeting children.
> Why don't they say it: Mountain Dew.
> Did the initiative for this come from Coke? I guess they lost marketshare.
> How can you manipulate something that is artificial in the first place?

Isn't this like suing an architect for having too much fresh air in agiven
space? "Oh no, I assumed you would fill it with cubicles later."

> Now that the tobacco fight is basically over, the watch groups need some new
> enemy.

I'm just waiting for the Austin Powers take on the Immodium AD ad: Uh-oh!
Ron's one chance at the launch technician! Viagra?
No, the window's too short, something faster!
Viagra-ULTRA! (Order now and get the
Rational Rose for KamaSutra bundle.)

> Welcome back to prohibition. Do we get Mountain Dew smugglers now?

No, the Mountain Dew 40-oz. patch. Body codicil are all the rage.

how many people test-drove the Unicenter-TNG CD
last year when it was 1:1 with AOL CDs?
Why aren't the first DVD players 5-changers, in a nod to rationality?
What's the record so far on scratch-ruined DVDs, and what actually
happens when the read laser loses gain (Al-free or not)?