RE: [VOID] Norm's... where at least Lois knows your name

CobraBoy (
Sun, 24 May 1998 08:28:54 -0700

At 4:22 AM -0700 5/24/98, Khare came up with this:

[yadda, yadda, yada]

> Depressed to discover another romantic spot, the pier. I hate having to add
> one more special-moment-spot to my stash of getaways around the world. I
> have unrequited hideaways waiting in every port, it seems.
> Several dozen Prom night couples were out on the town in Balboa tonight,
> limos and all.


> Then a random bar, where a drunk babe nudges me to ask, "is your beer warm,
> too?" and proceeds to NOT have a conversation. Turns out she really only
> cared about the temperature of the Corona. Sigh.
> And here I am at Norm's. At least Lois knows me: "hey, computer guy!".
> Rohit "computer guy!" Khare



Lets put the *fun* back in dysfunctional...

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