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Harry Shearer, of course, is Mr. Burns and Smithers and three dozen
other characters on The Simpsons, among other things. So Dr. Byars'
and my close personal friend, Dennis Wilen, has put together quite
a cool little Web site for Mr. Shearer, who is a close personal friend
of his...


...so Rohit, maybe THIS is your minimum-degrees-of-separation route into
the Hollywood crowd. (Have Byars or tomwhore or I ever introduced you
to Dennis?)

Not that you'd want to get in with the Hollywood crowd; actors and
directors are even more self-centered and self-serving than geeks.
Although they are easier on the eyes for gazing purposes than geeks are.

An aside about Godzilla. Do not see this movie. It is positively awful.
Poor plotting, poor pacing, the special effects are so "seen this
before", all of the shots seem derivative of other (better) movies...
It makes "The Lost World" seem as good as "Aliens" by comparison...

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> Subject: As Seen in GODZILLA!
> <brag>
> My latest and greatest Web site just went online at RealNetworks:
> http://www.harryshearer.com/
> Built for and with writer/actor/satirist Harry Shearer (as seen in GODZILLA),
> this third iteration of the site features RealAudio and RealVideo of
> the best of Harry's work, then and now:
> o First online version of Harry's classic airport metal detector
> scene from "This Is Spinal Tap"
> o Long-buried examples of the 1960s radio comedy of The
> Credibility Gap (featuring Harry and partners David L. Lander
> and Michael McKean, later known as Squiggy and Lenny),
> finally available in RealAudio
> o RealVideos of Harry on "Friends," in "Waynes World II," etc.
> o Two cool illustrations by bOING bOING's Otto Matik
> o Weekly netcasts of Harry's syndicated "Le Show"
> o Lots, lots more, including RealVideo of Bill Gates saying "fuck"!
> All the information architecture, design, all the artwork (except for Otto's)
> is mine, all the HTML coding, all the RealAudio and RealVideo digitizing,
> editing, and conversion is mine.
> I think it's quite cool and I'm real proud of it.
> Hope you like it, too!
> Tell yer friends!
> </brag>
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