Re: [VOID] A Day In the Night

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 21 May 1998 11:25:57 -0700

> K> Herewith, a brief laundry-list of how I've been slacking.
> Okay, call me nosy, but I have to ask... How do you afford all the
> stuff you seem to do? Independently wealthy? Rich family? Awesome
> stipend? :-)
> Enquiring minds & all that...
> --
> John Klassa / Alcatel Telecom / Raleigh, NC, USA <><

Actually, it's not all that expensive. I'm fairly cheap -- have had some
beautiful rows with Adam about that -- but here are some other reasons:

* The Chancellor's Fellowship is actually, to my surprise, 100% tax-free. So
my take-home salary, after summers fulltime, is about what it was at W3C/MIT.
(as opposed to a TA or RA, which are fee-for-service and hence income).

* Consulting does improve the top-line. The money taken in from writing and
speaking adds up to ~$150 a week. That's all gravy. MCI put a lot in the bank,

* Traveling is actually profitable. Typical US per diem is $46/day, and that
funds most VOIDpost adventures.

* Housing is noise: $450 or so for a room and 10BaseT IP tone.

* The Bonneville is the major expense, at ~1000 miles/month, but it's mainly a
sunk cost (paid for out of sw money from undergrad)

* I admit, there's no college debt. That was the one plus of Caltech.

* I don't spend money on anything besides entertainment. No furniture, no
CD/book binges, no food in the refrigerator.

* Most of all, there isn't anyone in my life to spend it on. To say nothing of
the almost 600,000 miles languishing at UA.

Rohit "Liquid" Khare