Re: Anarchy, libertarianism, and monopoly

Tom Whore (
Wed, 20 May 1998 11:33:09 -0700 (PDT)

Anarchy has become one fo those words totaly co-opted for the purposes of
the group or ideologies using them. Much like religons become the tools of
the people who latter run them so to do words and ideas become mutated to
fit the need of the day.

"anarchists of the world unite" was the joke slogan a group of freinds and
myself would spray paint on the D train stations bak in the bronx. It was
only when i grew some did I realize that some folks took this joke

Anarchy is now used much like the words New and IMproved and EXtra Value
and SuperSizeIt in a merketing sense. Where it does seem to make the most
sense, it is not often used. Probably thats a sign of a things worth and
value more than its over use.

For those so inclined heres a set of urls Ive gathered over time that may
delta in with this thread.