Re: Common carriers, not actually afflicted.

Steve Nordquist (
Tue, 19 May 1998 00:51:56 -0500

Jeff Bone wrote:

> > What do you believe are the *minimum* concessions
> ...These are what I see as the initial *minimum*
> concessions:
> (1) Unbundle the browser *user interface* immediately and forever.

Welcome to the X/Open UI -rentals- page!?

> (2) Require Microsoft to *facilitate* OEM customization such as boot
> and desktop screens.
> (3) Require Microsoft to allow OEM customers to *suppress* all MS
> branding if desired.
> (4) Define "operating system" and prohibit mandatory bundling of MS
> non-OS and OS products.

Yes, no, why?

> (5) Require Microsoft to immediately halt its tying and exclusionary
> licensing practices.

Are these what's wrong? I look back on most licenses I've seen andit's a
wonder MS even paid a lawyer to cobble them out; but then
I haven't licensed SQL anything.

> (6) Separate Microsoft into 3 companies: OS, applications, and content
> / services.

Which one handles joysticks and which funds civic services?

(7) Enforce strict "Chinese Wall" between MS operating companies thus

How're they gonna develop anything?

> .....This whole thing pains me greatly, as I'm essentially a free

> marketer/libertarian at heart.

_Free_ libertarians are consultants who have princedoms in Syria?

> The crux of the problem is that free market

> requires just that --- a free market --- and a market dominated by a
> single player is not free.

It's true that the Ayn Rand Bootstrap theorem just doesn't work well.I.e.,
technologies have a rep and science little; one property is an
island (an undersea mountain of strength?); a product isn't real
until it outperforms similar compounding properties.
Is that the sort of exclusionary licensing you saw?

> Nonetheless, natural monopoly isn't
> necessarily a bad thing --- and make no mistake, Microsoft is
> *essentially* a monopoly --- but I do *not* believe that Microsoft is a
> natural monopoly.

What, with the BEST damn asexual force-feedback devices?(also: You'd think
they could give away USB more successfully
than they seem to have. has solar
panels to supplement your smart keyboards and smart mice,
plus very expensive ways to add serial ports. Wait, there's
a monitor (?!) and a chance to buy Phillips speakers. No NICs
at all.)

> ...anticompetitive through leveraging parts of the
> Microsoft business to support other parts.

Lawyers on the bus

> ...where products compete on technical merit --- i.e., a free market.

...full of Digital Ego buyers. May as well integrate with pooltablesand
silk rugs; or, if you like that and want your own Architectural
Digest, I could feed you a "0 power" solution integrated with paint
and ceiling treatments....