Re: Common carriers Re: A letter to Joe

Tom Whore (
Mon, 18 May 1998 17:31:49 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Jeff Bone wrote:

> > 5) ... People buy MS products because they get the job done at a
> reasonable price.]
> You're confusing consumer and corporate buying dynamics. People don't
> buy MS, corporations do --- and the rest of us get stuck in a no-choice
> world as a result of a complex feedback loop.

Speak for yourself hommie. I buy what i want when i want, and the offcie
suite gets my vote as a USEFULL(imagine that) package. The apps OS i use
at home WIN95, soon to be 98 because it runs the apps I want and the
games i NEED. It also has some great sound editong tools, art programs and
other usefull stuff.

I go linux on a laptop and on the other side of my dual boot. Why? becuase
I aint some Poor Oh Poor Me helpless little shit who listen to PCWEEK or
Market Watch for my opinions on software. I Buy what works for the
situations I need.Win for games and apps, linux for code cracks and simple
systems work.

Your blanket statement of the consumer world being a poor helpless puppet
is insulting as well as way off the mark.

> The fact of the matter is
> that there is no such thing as a "home computer" anymore, so the "rest
> of us" get stuck buying whatever the corporate market buys...

Once again, thank you for being so wrong. I have several home computers.
Most of the folks I know have a system set up o do what they want to do.
Some use MS, some linux, others have bsd, still a few more have nexts and

The folks I know who are not in the "biz" are varried mac and win users,
with a few moving on to linux on dual boots to learn it.

Your little corp centered view of things is nice and cookie cutter and
probaly sells well to thevery folks you describe as being a problem.

But in the real world of things it seems not to stand up to the test of

Might i suggest going back to 1986, start a look at things back then and
work your way up to the now. Its a damn interesting ride and I think you
will see that how things turned out areless about the EVIL EMPIRE and its
dark force wierd ways and more about People jsut wanting something that
works without all the ballyhoo.

(NB the word/worperfect twists, the Lotus/Quatro/Excel tango,
dBase/Foxpro/Clarrion/access waltz..also the MacOs/Gem fight)