Re: Common carriers Re: A letter to Joe

Tom Whore (
Mon, 18 May 1998 16:55:52 -0700 (PDT)


Well ok, so you strip the os down to the bare bones and what do you

well you get something 97% of the users WONT TOUCH.

Duh.. were you folks alive anytime in the last 20 years as teh computer
wave was hitting? Maybe you dont remeber what its like to be one of the
folks who USE a computer without wanting or needing to become a guru at
it, but the idea of having an out of the box all in one solution was and
still is something people will spend great deals of money on.

Is this wrong? Nope, infact with most other devices its a major selling

Apple , shit folks, apple was of the mind set that not only did you just
have ONE os, ONE set of tools etc, but that all developers would make
thier programs LOOK AND FEEL AND WROK alike. Remeber the evangilists?
Shit I was one myself for a time back in 86-87.

The only reason folks didnt FLOCK to the mac was its pricing idiocy. Mac
could well have taken it all way way before gates was even more than a
thrid party apps makers with a chesey little Command LIne thing on that
other platform.

Ok, Price and that they couldnt get APPS makers to make the APPS folks
wanted and needed to finaly stop using the stop gap 8086/80286 crap.
Actualy one of the few good apps makers for the mac was..yep, chesey
little GateMS.

It wasnt until years latter that enough people got massed up behind an os
that things become this wave of MS. ANd what is this made up of ??
People. Users looking for a simple to use box to do things on.

Now yes, MS has a lot to answer too on its biz practices. It did lots of
mafaioso style tactics, but being raised in NYC i realy dont see all that
much "wrong" with it. Basiclay it tells me the other OS makers were wimps
and got thier teeth kicked in but good. Awww heres a quarter, go call
your mom and tell her your not gonna be a real biznes man anymore, its
toooo tough out dere:(

Thing is , if Sun or Caldera or Corel had a system that could work across
apps (spread sheet, word processing and simple dbs, plus a presentation
tool and a broser) and had a decent price point AND was easy to install
..then they would be and in fact are making in roads on MS.

The BLM, a divison of the DOI (where im contracted to) is going over to
Corl Suite for the last 2 years. They are moving it across to the unix
platforms now and lots of folks are realy happy. Broswers, they use NS. O,
some folks use NTsome use unix. Come on, if the gov agencies can
undersatnd this stuff I gota think its not all that tough to figure out.

Of course there is always this trait some folks have of thinking, KNOWING,
that they know best. That everyone just doesnt realize whats best for
them so THEY have to make the choices for them. Blech. With Win98..Im
gonna get it, use it, be a happy gamer until such time as games, they kind
i dig, are as easy to use and are deved for other oses. You wana take that
chooice from my hands, you best have a a big big stick. You think you know
whats best for me? Yea, come show me.

But all this Jumping on the bandwagon thing is simply and utterly
hillarious. And all the rationalization why are far funnier.
Evryone using the excuse that MS is monopolizing the web:) man, dont you
folks even read the stats on usage of browsers in the realy world? HELLO
MACFLY. You cant argue that MS has a monopoly if they DONT.

So whats all the yelling about?

What most people realy want is to take a personal jab at gates. Lets face
it, hes a geeky little dweeb that has way too much money, thats the realy
realreasons when you get down to the heart of the matter with most
folks. Laws and legalities aside, its just doesnt seem right this one guy
has so much going on, so it is almost a needed "right" to "take him down a
few pegs".

Which I would respect if most people just came out and said, but rather
they cloth it in seemingly legal cloaks of justifiable punishments.

If I were gates (yeah, a new pastimte sweeps the country with IF I WERE
GATES(tm)) I would basicaly liquidate the company, pack it up, close
shop, turn and say "ok , here ya go, you wont have dick nixon,,,er i mena
william gates to click around any more". And then, like nixon, COme BAck
with a Vengence on some other ground. I mean, why the fuck bother. NT and
9x is just going to get harder and harder to patch up as time goes on, so
call it doe while you can. Leav the industry like a nice little Patch Of
Nothing and see where all the talk leads to. No babyMS, no half way
solutions, Just pack it up pack it in, let us begin .....

Lamus Tantrum Ridiculous.