Re: Common carriers Re: A letter to Joe

Jeff Bone (
Mon, 18 May 1998 18:14:03 -0500

> No one has asked for Bill Gates head on pike yet.

Okay, I'll bite. "Bring me the head of Bill Gates on a pike. Er, on a
silver platter would be okay, too." Just call me Salome. ;-)
Seriously, though, this isn't about religion, it's about business: our
industry in the last few years has generated the largest creation of new
wealth in history. In order for those economic lungs to keep pumping,
there simply has to be a way to maintain the dynamic, highly competitive
state that we've been in. As an entrepreneur who deals with investors
and VCs all the time, I can say that the last couple of years has seen a
substantial chilling towards non-vertical, startup-level *software
product* companies, primarily because of the generalized impression of
Microsoft as being predatory and likely to step into any new interesting
technology area as soon as it becomes interesting.

It's just not acceptable to allow Microsoft to own the entire
non-vertical software product business, especially if it is the case
that this position of dominance has been achieved illegally. If this
means government intervention then so be it.