RE: Common carriers Re: A letter to Joe

Joe Barrera (
Sun, 17 May 1998 15:25:34 -0700

Some very short notes, since I'm on a crummy kbd/display.

I see and understand the common carrier argument, and how it could apply to
Microsoft. One question I have is, is new law required to designate
Microsoft as a "common carrier", or is existing law enough?

Also, I personally see how allowing OEMs to add icons to the desktop make
sense, but allowing OEMS to remove features or icons from Windows just
doesn't make any sense to me at all. And I sure hope the DOJ doesn't lead us
to a situation where there are apps that run on HP Win98 and MS Win98 but
not Compaq Win98, and apps that run on both HP Win98 and Compaq Win98 but
not Dell Win98, etc. I think that would be a real loss to the industry and
to consumers, because it would significantly raise the cost of software.

- Joe