Volkswagen recalls 10,100 New Beetles

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 15 May 1998 14:43:43 -0400

[Sigh] What would Uncle Adolph think of his car? So much for the
precision engineering of the new "peoples car". Wonder what quality will
be like on next years Rolls fleet? This is what comes of putting the
beetles engine in front!

Volkswagen recalls 10,100 New Beetles

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (Reuters) - Volkswagen AG's New Beetle, lauded in
crash tests and prized by consumers, was
tarnished Friday by a recall for an electrical problem.

Volkswagen of America Inc. said it was recalling all of the 10,100 New
Beetles sold in the United States and Canada
because certain wires could be damaged from rubbing against the battery
tray in the front of the car near the engine.

The wire "chafing" could cause the car's air conditioning compressor or
fuel pump to malfunction, or result in a wiring fire in
the engine compartment. If the fuel pump malfunctions, the vehicle will
stall without warning, Volkswagen said.

VW said it had received no reports of accidents or injuries related to
the wiring problem, and no fuel pump failures or stalled
vehicle incidents had been reported. However, the automaker said it was
aware of three air conditioner compressors
malfunctioning due to the wire chafing.

The recall affects all 1998 New Beetles sold since the car went on sale
in the United States and Canada in March. About
8,500 of the affected cars were sold in the United States, and about
1,600 were sold in Canada.

The car had triggered a consumer nostalgia craze even before its
introduction, and there have been widespread reports of
speculators buying up the cars and reselling them for thousands of
dollars more than their sticker prices. The car sells for
about $18,000 fully equipped.