Re: Speaking of Ground Zero...
Thu, 14 May 1998 03:32:31 -0400

Joe Barrera wrote:
> Did I miss it, or has there really been no discussion on this list about
> India's nuclear testing?
> For example, all the press I've read has presented the testing as a
> uniformly Bad Thing. Does anyone want to argue the opposite position?


> Or, how about someone pointing out, who gives a shit about nuclear weapons
> when we all know that biological weapons are what will wipe out the
> human race?

Um, no - that would be Y2K, of course, wiping out the human race.

Yup, we've got it all figured out now.
Y2K is the world's impending disaster, the HOLOCAUST to end
all holocausts, the mother of all meltdowns, the Millenium
doomsday forseen by Nostradamus, the Bible, and fashionable tea readers

Meanwhile, XML is the antidote, my friends! The valiant
knight come to slay the Y2K dragon, the cavalry to the rescue.
Y2K got you down? Take 2 XML tablets and call me in the morning.
Miracle cure!

[On a somewhat more serious note, anyone looked at Corel's
OpenJ? They developed an XML DTD for something they've named
ADML - Application Description Markup Language. It supports
the composition of Java Beans into an valid ADML document,
wiring together properties and events etc. OpenJ is their
ADML supporting tool. I've been playing around with it for
a few days now - their's a downloadable developer release.
I'd describe it as sort-of an OpenDoc all
grown up into Beans/XML, retaining the intensive document-centric
flavour of OpenDoc but with the benefits of human-readable
data format. After I build an ADML document/application
using OpenJ, I go right into Notepad or whatever to see/edit
the resultant ADML, which is fully parseable by any XML
parser, and can be validated by validating parsers using the
provided DTD. Rather neat.]

> Yesterday I had lunch with Sheri (my lawyer friend) and the first thing she
> said to me was, have you seen CNN? I said no, but I had heard about the
> testing anyway. She said, "oh that, no, I was talking about Sun suing
> Microsoft." Huh? I mean, this whole thing with Microsoft and Sun and the DOJ
> is amusing, but isn't a continuing nuclear arms race between India and
> Pakistan and China just a little bit more important in the grand scheme of
> things?

No, by far the most important news item is the ongoing saga
of whether to return 9% or 13% or <name % here> of the West Bank...
Bibi is such a putz. They ought to put the WB up for Inernet
auction to get the best bid :).

Anyway, personally, I'm considerably more frightened of
Iran (& to a lesser extent) Iraq's continuing arms buildup.

> And one more thing. The USA and the USSR nuking each other almost made
> sense, because they were kind of geographically separated.

Almost? What did geography have to do with it? With ICBMs targetted
at all major urban centers, how was global MAD any saner than
regional varieties?

>But India and
> Pakistan? I guess I really should ask which way the prevailing wind goes...

Nukes, like pretty much everything in life, (and FoRKers should
really understand this by now) is nothing more than some preening
generals who never quite made it out of adolescence comparing
their dick lengths. Why stock up on nukes? To prove to the
other guy, to the world, but most of all to yourself, just
how well hung you are.

> - Joe
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No, these can't be Microsoft views since Microsoft reserves
for itself the right to enter the lucrative nuclear arms
construction and testing industry. The goal, of course,
is to one day hold exclusive
purview over that essential and socially constructive vertical
market as well.

Joe, just watch your outspoken views there
pardner - we can't have you shooting off your mouth all
the time and compromising MS business opportunities like this.
You've been warned.

Ron Resnick

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Insanely dedicated to wasting as much time as possible on
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imaginable to get behind that 8ball, like always.
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