An Irrelevant Monopolist

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 13 May 1998 12:10:50 -0700

Brilliant! I always knew both MMX and
AGP were marketing scams because Intel couldn't
compete in the blooming graphics market.


The Voodoo2 is pretty much the first ever 3D chip which
shows you the limitations of your CPU in a severe
fashion. Whilst in the past the 3D accelerator used to
be the bottleneck in 3D gaming performance, now with the
Voodoo2 the bottleneck is the CPU in most of the cases.
Testing shows that it takes at least a Pentium II 266 to
see a significant impact of the Voodoo2 performance in
game benchmarks and this only in case of high
resolutions. At 640x480 most games won't let the Voodoo2
show it's full performance even in a Pentium II 300
system, which means that most likely even the upcoming
Pentium II 400 will maybe only just deliver enough CPU
power to max out the Voodoo2. The K6 3D is the only
Socket 7 candidate that could take the Voodoo2 closer to
its limits, no currently available Socket 7 CPU is able
to supply enough CPU power to really use the vast 3D
force of the Voodoo2.