Re: Prisoner of cyberspace

Steve Nordquist (
Wed, 13 May 1998 00:42:09 -0500

While the display postscript cauldron slowly dripped vectors up
onto the ceiling, where they pooled and lurched for an exit,
Jeff Bone wrote:

> > then a windowing system is a bizarre way of using screen real-estate.
> Figures. This from a minion of the company that never met a UI it
> didn't like.

They didn't like MagicCap, Brain.

Quickly Binky, what version is MagicCap now?

Looks like they just renamed 4.8 to 2.1. POIT!

Hmm. I have a plan for a communications device.

Me too! Me too! But if we steal all the tire valve covers, might'nt
the neighbors talk like the silvery iron discs left over?