Re: Rhapsody and Yellow Box in 1998

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Tue, 12 May 1998 18:34:19 -0700

At 6:18 PM -0700 5/12/98, Robert S. Thau cleverly crafted this:

> writes:
> > This afternoon's important session was Rhapsody and Yellow Box in 1998.
> > This is where we got
> > some information from Bertrand Serlet about the future of Rhapsody, and
> > about DR2 in general.
> Ermmmmm... so why is everybody from the trade rags to the New York
> times saying that Rhapsody is as good as dead?
> rst

Well certaintly Dr. Ernie is the definitive source on this.

Rhapsody 1.0 will ship this fall.

Let's repeat that. Rhapsody will ship in a release version this fall.

Next year a version of the Mac OS to be called Mac OS -X (which I
predicted the name would be a couple of years ago) will ship in beta. This
will be the underpinnings of Rhapsody with the "blue box" (Mac emulator)
running as standard. (In other words this is the interface not as window in
the Rhapsody OS.

That fall (99 were talking) Mac OS-X (called 10) will ship.

In the mean time Mac OS 8.5 will ship this fall and Mac OS 9 will ship next
Spring. These are "traditional" Mac OS's (meaning
System/Finder/INIT's/Control Panels)

Convergence baby, that's what it's all about!

Yeah baby!


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