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All things connected. I thought I'd do random
samples of Altavista searches. Inlines below,
for the first hit. Gut instinct web surfing...

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Okay, this is the consolidated list. Has 30 or so new ones.


Gregory Alan Bolcer
- -------------------
Abner Googly-Carrel
A clergy rear, oblong
Oblong Violin and Viola Cases
Agelong coralberry
A gnarly Cobol, Greer
Where Gnarly has Lived
Al Gore: Borg larceny
Borg's "Weird Al" CD Review
Al Gore: corny garble
All Bran grocery ego
DwarfLander Part 7 - does not exist (Altavista, sheesh!)
A long cerebral orgy
1992 Scientific Program - Triple Arthrodesis in Cerebral Palsy:
An open 4-letter domain name??
Anglo barley grocer
Angry booger caller
Angry collage borer
Angry leg co-laborer
Aragon'll be grocery.
Arcane lorry boggle
Another open 4-letter domain name??
Bag allegory corner.
Bag on, glory clearer!
Balloonery cage? Grr!
Barcelona egg lorry
Bar large necrology.
Barleycorn, Erol! Gag.
Barnacle Ogre-Glory
Barney Google, Cal. R.R.
Barney-color gargle
Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters
Barren geology, Carl.
Barrera: leggy colon?
Barry College-Organ
BC allegory groaner
Be corollary ganger.
Becry larger lagoon.
Belly cargo groaner
Bergen-Lola gyrocar
Beryl racoon gargle
Blarney gag colorer
Bore gorge carnally.
Borg Celery Granola
Bronco gear gallery
No match for "ORNERY.ORG".
Calgon berry Ora-Gel
Cargo bonger. Really.
Carnal Gerberology
Carob, largely goner
Carolyn Gargol-Beer
Carrel. Baloney. Grog.
Cerebrally, a Gorgon
Gorgon Internet Beta Web
Cerebrally, R.N.-a-go-go
Clean Rob Roy gargle
Clear Brno Gargoyle
Clear loon braggery
Clergy arrange Bolo.
Cog Al Gore barrenly.
Collarbone raggery
Collar garb erogeny
Colonel Grayer-Garb
Con Agra glory rebel
Congo barely larger
Cory L. Banger-Galore
Crabology enlarger
Altavista Real Name resolver:
Cranberry Lego Lago
Cran-booger allergy
Eagerly corral bong.
Enlarge CORBA glory!
Gabor: Lycra, erelong
Galleon grocery/bar
Gangly color-bearer
Gargle nearby color.
Gargler o'er balcony
General carbo-glory
Gerry Algebra-Colon
Glengarry Bo Oracle
Glengarry Glen Ross
Glob o' Garry cleaner
Glory log aberrance
Glory/ogre balancer
Gnarly bolero, Grace!
Gnarly clear booger
Go bang cereal lorry.
Purgatory Playlist
Gob o' genre carryall
Gob o' Greer, carnally
Golly, Cobra-enrager!
Tamed and Trained
Golly gee, bra rancor!
Goober rang clearly.
Gorbelly arrogance
Grab galley coroner.
Badge: Oneida, WI Coroner, $24,95
Gray cellar bongoer
Green bag corollary
Gregory Carnal-Lobe
Grocerly Bangalore
Grog. Eyeball. Rancor.
Large bonerly cargo
Large bygone corral
Largely bronco rage
Larger balcony ogre
Larger barge colony
Larger Corbel agony
Larger crab neology
Larger ecology barn
Windfields Farm Pictorial
Larger globe crayon
Larger goony cabler
Laryngeal Borg core
Le Carre', gangly boor
Leroy Carbon-Gargle
L.L. Bean Ogre Gyrocar
Longer Argyle cobra
L'Oreal corner baggy
Lycra bonger galore
Near-beggarly color
Nearly loco bragger
No glycerol barrage!
Ogle Olga Cranberry.
O gnarly Gerber cola
Ogor, bleary glancer
O'Leary Barn Clogger
Only coalbagger err
Ora-Gel glob errancy
Oranger cellar bogy
Oregon carbyl lager
Oregon crab allergy
Rare global cryogen
Cryogen Safety Issues
Rarely garble Congo
Rarely grab Cologne?
Rearly oblong cager
Rearrange bolly cog.
Rebalance googly R.R.
Recongeal glory bra.
Relearn raggy Cobol?
Rely on carob gargle.
Rely on clog barrage.
Reroll Gabor agency.
Roger Bacon allergy
Roger "Con-Agra Belly"
Royal Bengal grocer
Yearlong grocer lab

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