Re: Namespaces put 'extensibility' in XML

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Mon, 11 May 1998 14:16:16 -0700

Rob wrote:
> No I won't "do an Adam" and paste the entire text.

On behalf of all the Adams on the list, we thank you for not doing us.

> Go look for yourselves:
> ObCommentary:
> WTF?

Don't believe the hype. Although the following is technically correct:

> "Namespaces completes the extensibility of XML [Extensible Markup
> Language]," said Andrew Layman, an editor of the specification and a
> Microsoft Corp. technical architect, in Redmond, Wash. "Anybody who can
> create a URL can create a namespace."

the XML-Namespaces really is a bare-bones minimum draft that has sparked
much debate and controversy within and without its drafters. Rohit has
some very passionate thoughts on the subject I couldn't do justice to here.
It is far from the be-all and end-all of namespace creation. In fact,
it seems to be the bare minimum that everyone working on it could agree
to. Then again, most people think that that is all you really want in
a namespaces specification.

While I'm posting, Joebar wrote:
> > One great grammar guide I like is Lyn Dupre's _Bugs in Writing_
> > <>
> > but that is less of a style formatting guide than it is a grammar guide.
> Yep, I actually noticed this recommendation after sending my email, and BUGS
> is currently in my shopping cart, along with a few other selections from the
> FoRK recommended book list.

Ari's right to a point -- the book is cutesy and does have some wrong
things in it. But it's also self-correcting, with guides on how to
figure things out yourself, and it never claims to be the be-all and
end-all of grammar guides. I found its examples interesting, and I like
all the gratuitous cat references. So I still recommend it as a useful
grammar guide.

And I just wanted to post that although The World Wide Web Journal is no
more, The World Wide Web journal still is going in full force:
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> Subject: CFP: WWW special issue on characterization and performance evaluation
> I'll be guest-editing a special issue of the World Wide Web journal on
> "characterization and performance evaluation". For details, please
> see <>. The submission deadline is
> 8/31/98. Reviewers are also sought.
> Please distribute this to others who might be interested.
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