RE: Computer Style Guides

Ari Rapkin
Mon, 11 May 1998 13:44:39 -0700

> > One great grammar guide I like is Lyn Dupre's _Bugs in Writing_
> > <>
> > but that is less of a style formatting guide than it is a grammar guide.
> Yep, I actually noticed this recommendation after sending my email, and BUGS
> is currently in my shopping cart, along with a few other selections from the
> FoRK recommended book list.

Ugh. Take it out of your cart, before you have to get an insulin
shot. The only thing it's a guide to is how to idolize your cats for
fun and profit.

It's got some factual errors (don't remember what off-hand, I read
it over a year ago), claims as The Truth several things that other
guides will tell you are a matter of preference, and is just plain

Sorry, Adam & Joe, but this one gets two thumbs WAY down from me.