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I'm quite offended that penis size is so carelessly described on this list.
Penis size, like computer performance, is not a one-dimensional quantity.
Sure, we all know that Robert Harley's penis is six miles long (BTW, I
thought Europeans had metric penises?), but it's less well known that his
penis is only 2.33 microns in diameter. So compared to a man with a 0.4 inch
long, 5.3 inch diameter penis, is Robert's penis "bigger" or "smaller"?
Should we really be comparing mass, or perhaps volume? And what about erect
v. flaccid states?

Before I see any more messages comparing penis sizes on this list, I want
definite rules established for such comparisons. We might look at the
TPC-C/TPC-D full disclosure reports for a start.

- Joe

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On Fri, 8 May 1998, Jay Thomas wrote:

> Lloyd Wood wrote:
> <obnoxiousness snipped>
> > 1196 Bigfoot/LookSmart hits from searching for "Lloyd
> 1-10 of 1283 matches for ""Jay Thomas"" from the entire
> So, Nyahhhh! :P
> P.s., my penis is bigger.

Too bad they all belong to Jay Thomas Smith and that

"Rohit Khare" 2478
"John Smith" 26811

This probably says something deep and meaningful about the
amount of
fame apparently non-famous people can have.