RE: What is the first *Win16* source code to ever be posted to Fo

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 7 May 1998 11:05:22 -0700

> This is likely to cause the downfall of civilization?

I said the *computer language* most likely... (namely, COBOL).

> I take it this is the code that puts IE explorer on the desktop.

The code I posted is the standard Windows event-handling loop. This loop has
been written (or copied) zillions of times in C, but you don't often see it

> Show me how you can run this code without Windows.

Oh, I think I see the misunderstanding. This isn't code from the
implementation of Win16; this is code that runs on top of Win16.

BTW... if you want a good COBOL book *and* a bunch of free COBOL compilers,
definitely check out
<> -- which
I guess I should also add to the joebar recommended book list... Adam, is
there a way (ftp?) for me to do this myself? Or should I just let you do it?
Also, the first author of joebar book #15 (More Dark Than Shark) should be
Brian Eno, not Brian Eao.

- Joe